Django 2.0 release candidate 1 available

The Django project has today announced the availability of Django 2.0 release candidate 1.

Django 2.0 release candidate 1 is the final opportunity for you to try out the assortment of new features before Django 2.0 is released.

This is a further increase in stability, as the text of the user interface is now “frozen”:

The release candidate stage marks the string freeze and the call for translators to submit translations.

Django users are encouraged to try the release candidate and report bugs so they can be fixed before release:

Provided no major bugs are discovered that can't be solved in the next two weeks, Django 2.0 will be released on or around December 1. […]

Please use this opportunity to help find and fix bugs (which should be reported to the issue tracker). You can grab a copy of the package from our downloads page or on PyPI.

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