Django 2.0 released

The Django project has today announced the release of Django 2.0!

The Django team is happy to announce the release of Django 2.0. […]

You can get Django 2.0 from our downloads page or from the Python Package Index.

The release of Django 2.0 moves prior versions to a different maintenance status:

With the release of Django 2.0, Django 1.11 has reached the end of mainstream support. The final minor bug fix release, 1.11.8, was issued today. As a long-term support release, Django 1.11 will receive security and data loss fixes until April 2020.

Django 1.10 has reached the end of extended support. All Django 1.10 users are encouraged to upgrade to Django 1.11 or later to continue receiving fixes for security issues.

Congratulations to the release team and the entire Django Project! We will continue to discuss new features of Django 2.0 here at Waiting For Django in future articles.

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